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  • Philippines Brands
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  • Cuttlebrook Knives
  • Brand Alchemy Design
  • Little Milo Books
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  • Hera Fertility
  • J&R Solutions
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The world's fastest ecommerce platform

Ecommerce platforms compared by speed

Using our globally distributed network, coupled with 'smart events' and local browser storage capabilities, our average store load times is just 95 milliseconds.

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Fastest ecommerce platform

Complete ecommerce, no loading screens

We ensure only the absolutely essential data is loaded into your page at any one time, this means you users will never notice any "loading" states due to Shoprocket.

We also use pure javascript events to load items, as well as for user actions such as opening a product, adding to cart, modifying cart quantities etc.

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Total design freedom

Shoprocket gives you total control over your store design & style. Using our intuitive design tools, you can customise the entire experience. From simple buy buttons to categorised stores with 1,000s of products.

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  • If you are looking for a quick and easy way to add an online store to your existing website with a good selection of features, then we would definitely recommend trying Shoprocket
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  • We wanted to sell gift vouchers to our loyal customer base, and Shoprocket allowed us to do so in minutes!
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    Vault Pizza
  • If you already have a website and want to implement a sleek and stylish online store that’s feature packed, Shoprocket is for you. It's extremely affordable and seems more intuitive than similar products like WooCommerce.
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    Catalin Zorzini
  • The customer service, user interface, and price made Shoprocket the best choice for my e-commerce needs. Shoprocket worked with us and helped to create a native looking storefront for our Wordpress site
    Ibest choice for my e-commerce needs
    Christian C

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    Use our intuitive code generator to create your custom code snippets with a few simple clicks, then paste it into your own website HTML, page content or theme files
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    You're ready to start accepting orders on your own website, with secure payments and complete checkout experience without your customers ever leaving your site

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