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Monthly sales: $10,000

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$0 $1,000,000
Platform Transaction Fee
Monthly Fee
Total Cost
0% (+ gateway fees)
$9 - $199
0% - 4% (+ gateway fees)
$0 - $59.99
0% (+ gateway fees)
$29 - $159
0.5% + 20¢ (+ gateway fees)
$25 - $2,000+
2% (+ gateway fees)
$0 - $10
2.5% (+ gateway fees)
$19.99 - $59.99
2.9% + 30¢ (+ gateway fees)
$25 - $2,000+
5% - 7% + 50c (incl. gateway fees)
0% - 5% (+ gateway fees)
$29 - $199
10% (+ gateway fees)
10% + 50¢ (+ gateway fees)
$20 - $35

The above prices are an estimate based on public pricing as of 16th February 2023.
The additional transaction fees (E.G "+ 30¢") are not included in the totals.
Credit card processing fees are charged separately by your chosen gateway, except when using "Shopify Payments", where card processing fees are included. For all third-party payment providers, Shopify charges an additional 2%.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is Shoprocket different from other commerce platforms?

    Shoprocket is the easiest way to add full ecommerce to your existing website.

    Many platforms offer "store builders" and some even offer "embeds" like us (although they usually do it with iFrames which have many drawbacks), but our bleeding edge technology and ~10 years of business is what makes us the leading choice for enabling ecommerce.

    Plus, unlike most other platforms, we don't charge any transaction fees. We believe your sales should stay yours.

    Find out more about what Shoprocket is and who it's for here.

  • Will Shoprocket slow down my site?

    Absolutely not.

    Shoprocket loads asynchronously into your page, meaning it has absolutely no effect on the load times of your own content.

    Futhermore, Shoprocket is the fastest embeddable ecommerce solution in the world, but don't just take out work for it, try it yourself!

    Try the speed test

    Learn more about how Shoprocket is so fast

  • Which payment gateways / methods do you support?

    We support 30+ payment methods, (powered by Stripe, PayPal & PayU).
    We have more gateways in private beta, contact us if there's one you'd like enabled.

    See our full list of supported methods here.

  • Which currencies do you support?

    All of them

    Currencies are defined by your chosen payment gateway(s), but we support them all!

    See our full list of supported currencies here.

  • Which languages do you support?

    Out of the box, we currently support 13 languages;

    English (english en), Deutsch (german de), Français (french fr), 日本 (japanese ja), Português (portuguese pt), Español (spanish es), 中国人 (chinese zh), Italiana (italian it), Polskie (polish pl), Pусский (russian ru), Türk (turkish tr), عربي (arabic ar), Norwegian (norwegian nb).

    However you have full control over every text string via your Shoprocket dashboard, meaning you can create your own translations (or just tweak existing texts to suit your needs).

    See our full list of "out of the box" supported languages here.

  • Can I use Shoprocket on my own website?

    Yes, that's our specialty!

    As long as you're able to paste code snippets into your website, Shoprocket will work out of the box, no coding skills required.

    This includes Wordpress, Wix, Webflow, Carrd, Ghost, Weebly, Jimdo and many, many more...

    See how to embed full ecommerce intlo your existing website here

  • Do I have to update my embed code if I make changes to my products?


    Shoprocket is one-time setup. Once you copy & paste our code into your website, any changes you make via our dashboad will be reflected in real-time on your website(s).

    Futhermore, if a product runs out of stock, we will automatically mark it as "sold out" on your website, and no further orders can be placed until stock is replenished. See how to embed full ecommerce intlo your existing website here

  • Are there any transaction or setup fees?


    We believe you shouldn't be charged based on your success, that's why we only charge a flat monthly fee regardless of your sales volume. There's no setup fees or cancellation fees of any kind.

    See our pricing and full list of features here.

  • How will I get paid?

    Directly, instantly.

    Unlike many other platforms, we connect to your own payment gateway (Stripe, Paypal or PayU), meaning all orders are processed securely via your own account. Not only does this give you total control over your data and checkout, it also means your funds reach you instantly. We don't touch your money and we never take a cut.

    Read more about payments heres.

  • Can I move my Selz store to Shoprocket?


    Since Selz was acquired, we have seen many sellers successfully migrate their store to Shoprocket. You can simply export your data from Selz, and import to Shoprocket.

  • Is there a minimum contract term?


    You can cancel anytime — no questions asked.
    It's also completley free to try, with a 14 day trial on all our plans.

  • Do I need an SSL certificate?


    Although Shoprocket is served over HTTPS, we strongly advise that you have an SSL certificate installed on your own site for customer peace of mind. Plus, many search engines now require you have one.

    We recommend CloudFlare for this, it's free!

  • Can I host my store with Shoprocket?


    Although Shoprocket is first and foremost for embedding ecommerce into websites, we also offer hosted storefronts for you to start accepting orders, even if you don't yet have a website.

  • Is Shoprocket GDPR compliant?


    Shoprocket is fully compliant with all General Data Protection Regulations. As a UK company we have been externally audited and publish our up to date Data Processing Addendum here

  • Can I resell or whitelabel Shoprocket?


    We offer tools for all types of reseller, from affiliates, referrals, partners and even fully white-labelled versions that you can run on your own domain or integrate directly into your existing app to sell directly to your users.

    Contact us to learn more

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