Customise the checkout

Terms & conditions, marketing checkbox, billing address, contact / telephone number, company name, discount code field, custom notes, order confirmation text, minimum order value...

3,158 1 0 13th January 2023

Create a Custom Menu or Navigation

Out of the box, Shoprocket can generate a "categories" menu for you, but you may want to create your own, this guide will explain how....

5,103 2 0 06th June 2023

How to Use a Custom Cart/Basket Icon/Image

How to use your own icon/image for the cart widget...

2,768 1 0 20th June 2023

Remove Shoprocket Branding from Your Storefront or Embeds

While Shoprocket provides a great platform to sell your digital products, you might want to present a more customized experience by removing the Shoprocket branding from your store...

2,544 0 0 24th June 2023

Adding Terms & Conditions / Privacy Policies

Providing clear terms and conditions, as well as privacy policies, is crucial for any online store. They not only protect your business but also build trust with customers by letti...

2,786 1 0 24th June 2023

Using Custom Icons on Shoprocket Buttons

In order to achieve this, you'll need to use some custom CSS code. The process may differ slightly depending on whether you have a hosted store or an embedded store....

2,524 1 0 10th July 2023

Create a Custom Menu for Currency Selection

How to create a custom menu for currency selection, or automatically set it based on user actions/events....

4,323 0 0 23rd July 2023

Customise the Cart Style & Position

How to customise your cart style, position and icon...

4,134 0 0 07th August 2023

SDK Functions

The essential functionalities you can leverage to manage Shoprocket within your application....

3,960 0 0 13th October 2023

Customising Fonts in Shoprocket

Customising the typography of your Shoprocket store or embeds can significantly enhance the look and feel of your online presence. Here's a comprehensive guide to help you navigate...

1,444 0 1 05th December 2023

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