Adding custom Text Translations

Updated on 04th April 2022 in Translations

Shoprocket Stores are available in a variety of languages: before you can add custom translation text, make sure all desired languages have been added as detailed here. Currently, the Shoprocket dashboard is currently only available in English.

You can manually translate all text strings in your store to support multiple languages, as well as customise the defaults to set your own. E.G - you might want to change "Add to cart" to "Buy now"

From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Settings > Text Translations, where you will see the following screen:


  1. Choose the language to translate in the drop-down.
  2. Scroll to, or search, for the phrase to be modified.
  3. Enter alternative translation if desired.
  4. Click the Save Settings button to save changes and show them immediately on site.

Supported languages already have default translations. However, any of these may be individually replaced (in the example shown, by adding "Buy now" to replace the default text for "Add to cart").

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