February 2023

Updated on 09th March 2023 in News & Updates

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In this edition:

  1. 29,670 stores, $24,525,365.35 in Transactions
  2. Send emails from your own domain
  3. Partner / White Label Program
  4. Improved Order Tracking / Logging
  5. Improved Customer Profiles
  6. Automatic Currency Conversions
  7. Automatic Language Translations
  8. Site of the Month

29,670 stores, $24,525,365.35 in Transactions

970 new stores joined us in February, and our sellers have now collectively processed over $24.5 million in sales.

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Send emails from your own domain

We've added support for connecting your own domain name for emails. This means you can now send transactional emails from [email protected].

Set up requires adding a couple of DNS records via your domain name provider, and our team are on hand to help if needed.

You can enable this feature via your dashboard, simply click the "Send Emails From My Own Email Address" switch, and one of our support team will send you the required DNS records.

Partner / White Label Program

One of our most requested features has always been the ability to rebrand/white label Shoprocket so that brands, partners, & agencies can resell it under their own name.

We're pleased to announce that this is now available in early beta.

The Shoprocket Partner Program allows companies to purchase plans at a deeply discounted rate, rebrand them under their own platform, and resell them to their clients at a price that works for them.

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Improved Order Tracking / Logging

We've rolled out improved order tracking, to include the total number of orders from that customer, the source URL (where the order was placed), their IP address, and the estimated geographical location of the customer.

You can find this data at the bottom of your order page from within your dashboard.

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Improved Customer Profiles

We've added even more data to the customer profile views for your store.

You can now search/filter your customer list, then view the profile of each customer, which now contains an event log of every action they have taken in your store.

View Customers

Automatic Currency Conversions

In addition to the currency dropdown menu in your store, we now support automatically detecting the customer's local currency, and convert your product prices to their preferred currency in real-time.

No setup required!

We will convert prices to any enabled currency in your store settings.

You can enable more currencies via the button below.

Configure Currencies

Automatic Language Translations

We've not only improved our currencies; we now also automatically detect customer languages based on their browser settings, and display your store texts in their local language instantly.

As with currencies, you can configure which languages to support via your store settings.

For now, we display all Shoprocket texts in the localised language, soon we'll be adding support to translate all of your product descriptions too, automatically!

Shoprocket currently supports 18 languages out of the box, you can find the full list here.

Configure Languages

Site of the Month

This month we're showcasing shelleykay.com

Shelley has just completed a series of paintings featuring Italy entitled "La Dolce Vita", which means "sweet life" in Italian. And no one lives the sweet life quite like the people of Italy!

Using our multi-product embed, Shelley was able to add full ecommerce to her existing website in minutes.

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