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Updated on 10th January 2024 in Sales Channels


Google Shopping offers a vast platform for online retailers to showcase their products directly within Google's search results. With Shoprocket's Google Shopping integration, getting your products in front of millions of Google users has never been easier. Our tool generates an XML feed of your product catalogue that you can submit to Google Merchant Center for use in Google Shopping. This guide walks you through the setup process.

What is Google Shopping?

Google Shopping is a Google service that allows users to search for, view, and compare products across different retailers who have paid to advertise their products. Google Shopping results show up in Google Search, with detailed information about the products based on the data provided through the XML feed.

How Shoprocket's Google Shopping Integration Works

Shoprocket streamlines the process of listing your products on Google Shopping by generating an XML feed that is compatible with Google Merchant Center. This XML feed is dynamically linked to your Shoprocket product catalogue, so any changes you make to your products are automatically reflected in your Google Shopping listings.

The Process:

  1. Generate XML Feed: Shoprocket creates an XML file that contains all the necessary product information in the format required by Google.

  2. Add to Merchant Center: You add the provided XML feed URL to your Google Merchant Center account, allowing Google to retrieve and sync your product data.

  3. Periodic Syncing: Google periodically accesses this XML feed to update your listings with any new or modified product details.

Benefits of Integrating Google Shopping with Shoprocket

  • Broaden Your Audience: Tap into a wider customer base searching for products through Google.
  • Real-time Updates: Your product listings remain up-to-date with the latest information without manual intervention.
  • Simplified Management: Manage your product catalogue from your Shoprocket dashboard without worrying about separate updates for Google Shopping.
  • Improved Shopping Experience: Provide customers with accurate, detailed product listings that can drive more informed purchasing decisions.

Setting Up Your Google Shopping Integration in Shoprocket

To get started with Google Shopping on Shoprocket, follow these steps:

  1. Access Integration Settings:

    • Log in to your Shoprocket dashboard.
    • Click on 'Sales Channels' in the sidebar menu.
    • Select 'Google Shopping' from the list of available channels.
  2. Generate Your Product Feed:

    • Click the 'Generate Feed' button.
    • Shoprocket will process your product catalogue and provide a URL to your hosted XML file.
  3. Submit Feed to Google Merchant Center:

    • Copy the provided XML feed URL.
    • Log in to your Google Merchant Center account.
    • Navigate to 'Products', then 'Feeds', and select 'Add a new feed'.
    • Choose the 'Scheduled fetch' option and paste the XML feed URL from Shoprocket.
  4. Sync Your Catalogue:

    • Google will review your feed and begin syncing your products.
    • Subsequent syncs will happen automatically, ensuring your Google Shopping listings are always current.

Managing Your Listings

Once your feed is active in Google Merchant Center, you can manage your product listings directly within the Merchant Center interface. This includes adjusting bidding for product ads, tracking performance, and making updates to product details.


If you encounter any issues or have questions about the Google Shopping integration, please contact our support team for assistance.

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