Managing Your Store Currency(s)

Updated on 23rd July 2023 in Payments

Setting Your Default Currency and Additional Currencies

To configure your store's currencies, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Shoprocket account.
  2. Navigate to your store's "Locale Settings" by visiting: Shoprocket->Settings->Locale.
  3. In the "Locale Settings" section, you can set your default currency. This is the currency in which all orders will be charged.
  4. Additionally, you can enable additional currencies for customers to choose from during the checkout process. These additional currencies will display real-time conversion rates for reference purposes only, meaning your customers can browse products in your store in their preferred currency, but the actual amount charged will be in your default currency. Your customers will see the amount in your default currency at the payment stage.

Automatic Currency Detection and Custom Currency Selection for Your Shoprocket Store

At Shoprocket, we prioritise providing a seamless shopping experience for your customers, no matter where they are in the world. To achieve this, our platform automatically detects your customers' locations based on their IP addresses. Once their location is identified, we dynamically display prices in their local currency, making the shopping process more convenient and personalised. (provided your store supports their currency)

For stores with multiple products using our embed feature, you have the flexibility to display a currency select menu automatically. With this option, your customers can effortlessly choose their preferred currency from a pre-built menu. Alternatively, if you prefer a more customised approach, you have the freedom to build your own currency selection menu, tailored to match your website's design and branding.

Charging Orders and Real-Time Conversion Rates

All orders placed through your store will be charged in your default currency. Shoprocket will handle the conversion of prices into the chosen currency during the shopping stage. The conversion rates used are real-time rates, ensuring that customers get an accurate estimate of the prices in their preferred currency.

Accepting Payments in Multiple Currencies

If you wish to accept payments in multiple currencies, please contact support, as not all gateways support all currencies, so we will need to manually help set that up for you.

Pricing Products

When adding products to your store, you can only set prices in your store's default currency. Shoprocket will automatically convert these prices to the additional currencies enabled in your store. This means you do not need to set currency-specific prices for each product; Shoprocket takes care of the conversion for you. This means you cannot set your own prices on products in different currencies, by doing this we ensure you do not accidentally over or under charge for products when conversion rates change.

Requesting New Currencies

If the currency you require for your store is not already supported by Shoprocket, don't worry. You can contact Shoprocket's support team via the chat widget or by emailing [email protected]. They will be happy to assist you, and in most cases, they can add the desired currency to your store within a few hours.

Gateway Currency Support

It's important to note that not all payment gateways may support all currencies. To ensure you have the most up-to-date information on which currencies are supported by your preferred gateway, check their website directly. This will help you avoid any potential issues with currency support during the payment process.

In conclusion, Shoprocket provides you with a simple and efficient way to manage currencies in your online store. By setting your default currency and enabling additional currencies for display, you can cater to a broader range of customers. Remember that Shoprocket handles real-time conversion rates during checkout, and you only need to set prices in your default currency for your products. If you have any questions or require a specific currency to be added, don't hesitate to reach out to Shoprocket's support team for assistance. Happy selling!

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