August 2021

Updated on 01st August 2021 in News & Updates

What's New In Shoprocket 2.0

Here's a recap of what we've been up to in August

In This Edition:

Rated "Excellent" on Trust Pilot Automated Tax Invoices Local Timezone Support Bulk Print Orders & Download Invoices Digital Download Options Realtime Currency Conversions Multi Select Category Filter Complete Store Translations - Added Support For 12 Languages Minor Updates Site of the month

Rated "Excellent

Shoprocket was recently listed on Trust Pilot, and has already earned an "Excellent" rating.

Trustpilot is the only review platform open to all companies and consumers, independent of both, and trusted around the world for our transparency and integrity.


Ready to leave your own review, or keen to read why Shoprocket is rated so highly?

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Automated Tax Invoices

Shoprocket now supports automatic PDF invoices for all orders.

Created to be universal and to fit any business, invoices are generated the moment an order is successfully placed.

You can customise your invoice style with your own logo, footer text and brand colours, plus specify whether to automatically attach invoice PDFs to order emails sent to your customers.


Your invoices will already be enabled by default, but you can configure & customise them below.

Configure Invoices

Local Timezone Support

We now offer global support for every timezone, allowing you to view your data in your local time format. 

No matter where your customers are, the times & dates that you see will be relative to your own timezone. 


Have you checked your timezone is accurate yet?

Set Store Timezone

Bulk Print Orders & Download Invoices

You can now select multiple orders from your dashboard, and print them all at once, or save them as PDFs, ideal for creating shipping slips at the start of your day.

You can also download all order invoices at once, in a single .zip file.


Your invoices will already be enabled by default, but you can configure & customise them below.

Configure Invoices

Digital Download Options

We've added extra configuration options for digital downloads, with even more coming soon.

For now, you can specify how long order specific download links will remain active when an order is placed. Once they expire, the files cannot be downloaded anymore. (You can 1 click resend the order email to issue new download links if your customer was unable to access them in time)


Setup Digital Options

Realtime Currency Conversions

We've updated our currency API to support more currencies and industry average FX rates.

Your customers can now switch between currencies in an instant, and see prices in their preferred currency.


Enable Currencies

Multi Select Category Filter

The category filter is now multi select, allowing your customers to view products from numerous categories at once. 

You can also specify categories in your page URL via buttons or links, to automatically show their respective products in your shop page.



Try The Demo

12 Languages Added

Shoprocket now offers support for the 12 most spoken languages, including: English, German, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Italian, Polish, Russian, Turkish and Arabic.


We have default texts for each phrase in Shoprocket, but you can also specify your own words & phrases in your store settings.

Customise Texts

Minor Updates

We've added lots of minor fixes & improvements, here's our top picks:

  1. Cart items are clickable (opens the product modal)
  2. Status indicator on all tables in the dashboard
  3. New payment method icons during checkout 
  4. Ability to enable/disable “new” and “free shipping” ribbons
  5. Offers can be limited to 1 per person
  6. Support for "Buy X get Y" offer type

Site Of The Month

This month we're showcasing, who have utilised our bubble cart in their site header, and styled their Shoprocket embeds to match their own branding perfectly.


What's Next?

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