September 2023

Updated on 07th September 2023 in News & Updates

In this edition:

Customisation Features

Custom cart icons
X/Y offset for cart

Payment and Checkout

Verifone Israel integration
Order success URL redirect
Multi-currency payments
Charge transaction fees at checkout

Data Management

Improved support for media/downloads on variations
API improvements (status codes, more endpoints)

User Experience

Set currency, language, search, etc. from URL
Toggle cart via URL
Retain product container height on paginate and scroll-to effect
New cart back button at each step
Show stock levels

SDK and URL FeaturesPopulate cart address via SDK
Apply coupon via SDK/URL
Search products via URL params directly

Admin and UI

Updates to team invites
Improved webhooks - better format, better UI
Desktop app

Integrations and Tracking

Zapier integration
3rd party tracking

Show/hide images in invoices
Auto video conversion, compression, and thumbnail generation
Switch plans during trial
Site of the Month

Custom Cart Icons

Take personalisation to the next level with custom cart icons. Tailor the look of your cart to seamlessly integrate with your brand's aesthetic, ensuring a cohesive user experience that differentiates your online store from the competition

Simply upload your custom cart icon in our dashboard and copy/paste the embed code into your website.

Read the Guide

X/Y Offset for Cart Position

Gain complete control over your cart trigger's positioning with the X/Y offset feature. Customise its location to better align with your website's design, making navigation more intuitive and enhancing the overall shopping experience.

Customise Your Cart

Verifone Israel

Operating in Israel? Expand your payment gateway options with Verifone Israel support. Cater to a broader customer base by providing a familiar and trusted payment method, increasing transaction efficiency and customer satisfaction in the process.

Manage Your Gateways

Order Success URL Redirect

Fine-tune the post-purchase journey by directing your customers to a custom URL after completing their orders. Whether it's an exclusive offer, survey, or a thank-you note, you can now create a more engaging post-sale interaction.

Customise Checkout

Multi-Currency Payments

Appeal to a global audience by accepting payments in multiple currencies. Eliminate the friction of currency conversion for your customers, offering a smoother, more inclusive shopping experience that can help expand your market reach.

Manage Currencies

Charge transaction fees at checkout

You can now apply transaction fees directly at the checkout, allowing you to cover additional costs or implement a surcharge for specific payment methods. This gives you more control over your pricing strategy and revenue streams.

Setup Seller Fee

Improved support for media/downloads on variations

Our enhanced CSV functionality now supports media and downloadable content for product variations. This upgrade simplifies the process of offering multiple versions of a product, each with its own set of digital assets.

You can also attach image / audio / video files to your variants, which will display automatically when your customers select the variant.

Import Products

API Improvements (Status Codes, More Endpoints)

Our revamped API now includes improved status codes and additional endpoints, offering a more robust and intuitive development experience.

These enhancements make it easier than ever to integrate Shoprocket with other services and build custom ecommerce solutions.

Read API Docs

Set currency, language, search and more via your URLs

Easily adjust settings such as currency, language, and search filters directly from the URL. This feature offers unparalleled flexibility for promotions and tailored user experiences, making your store more adaptable than ever.

Read the Guide

Toggle Cart via URL or SDK

Open or close your cart using a simple URL parameter, or directly via JS with our SDK. This feature gives you the power to use your own cart buttons, and guide the customer journey more effectively, leading to improved user interaction and potential increase in conversions.

Retain container height on paginate and scroll-to effect

We've improved the transition effects for browsing and opening the full product views.

Shoprocket now retains the container height when switching between product list & full views, with an added "scroll" effect to ensure the content is displayed in the viewport.

We also scroll back to the exact position your customers were at when navigating back to the product list, making shopping even more intuitive.

New cart back button at each step

Every step of the checkout process now includes a 'Back' button, allowing customers to easily review or amend their orders. This improves user experience by making the buying process more forgiving and user-friendly.

Show Stock Levels

Display real-time stock levels to your customers, adding a sense of urgency and informing purchase decisions. This feature can help boost sales by encouraging immediate action when stock levels are low.

You can enable the stock level element via your embed page, or your hosted store page. Open the "elements to show" panel, then enable the "show stock" switch. For embeds, remember to copy & paste the new embed code into your website after making changes.

Populate Cart Addresses via SDK

Introduce a more streamlined checkout process with the bindCartAddress() function in our SDK.

If you already know your customers' info, you can now pre-fill shipping and billing information programmatically, reducing friction during the checkout process and making it quicker and easier for customers to complete their purchases.

Apply Coupons via SDK or URL

Apply coupon codes directly via our SDK or a URL parameter, offering greater flexibility in how promotions are shared and redeemed. This allows you to effortlessly incorporate discounts into your marketing campaigns, improving both reach and customer engagement.

Search products via URL params directly

Implement custom search functionalities by using URL parameters to query products directly. This feature enables you to build your own advanced search forms, providing your customers with more targeted and useful search results.

Updated Team Invite Flow

Enhance team collaboration with our updated invite system. New features make it simpler and more secure to bring team members into your Shoprocket environment, streamlining both the invite process and management of roles and permissions.

Add Team Members

Improved webhooks - better format, better UI

Experience enhanced webhook capabilities with a better UI and more intuitive data formats. This will streamline your ability to integrate Shoprocket with other systems and services, making automation more efficient.

Read the Docs

Shoprocket Desktop App

Manage your Shoprocket orders right from your desktop with our new app.

Get a real-time revenue total in your taskbar, and optional desktop notifications as soon as a new order is received.

You can find the download link in the left hand sidebar of your dashboard.

Download the App

Zapier Integration

We're thrilled to announce our integration with Zapier, allowing you to connect Shoprocket with 6,000+ other apps to automate your work.

This simplifies tasks like data synchronisation, customer relationship management, and much more.

Connect Zapier

3rd Party Tracking

Implement third-party tracking effortlessly to get granular insights into customer behaviour and ad performance. Easily integrate with analytics services of your choice, making data-driven decision-making more accessible.

Enable Google Analytics & Facebook tracking with the click of a button, no setup necessary.

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Show / Hide Images on Invoices

Control the visual elements in your invoices with the ability to show or hide product images. This offers flexibility in invoice presentation, catering both to those who prefer a minimalistic look and those who want more vibrant, image-rich invoices.

Invoice Settings

Auto video conversion, compression & thumbnails

We've improved our video handling, to support automatic filetype conversion, compression and thumbnail generation to ensure your store is always blazing fast.

No setup needed, it's automatic as always!

Switch Plans During Trial

You can now switch between different subscription plans even during the trial period. This feature offers you the flexibility to experiment with various offerings before making a long-term commitment, ensuring you find the plan that best suits your needs.

View Plans

Site of the Month

Showcasing excellence in design and functionality, it provides valuable insights and ideas for your own ecommerce site.

This month we tried something a little different, we found an online shop we liked so much, we decided to recreate it with Shoprocket using nothing but our existing embed codes.

We copied the HTML from this page on Magda Butrym, and replaced the product content (including the images & video) with a Shoprocket embed, then with a little custom CSS we were able to recreate it almost exactly.

You can do anything with Shoprocket, so what will you build next?

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