February 2021

Updated on 01st February 2021 in News & Updates

I wanted to let you know about some of the latest updates at Shoprocket:

  • The "shopping cart" embed code is now smaller, and can be placed safely in your site header or footer to load on every page
  • Dashboard import/export now works on products
  • Dashboard export now available on customers & orders
  • Both shipping & taxes now utilise the zones feature, making it much easier to manage.
  • You can now offer taxes & shipping options on a per state/county basis
  • The "terms" and "marketing opt in” can both be enabled/disabled via your code embed generator, and “auto checked” by default via your store settings.
  • Terms & conditions can now open a URL in a new tab, or a modal with your terms text included
  • Products can now inherit global shipping options, have a fixed rate per item, or bypass shipping altogether
  • Shipping prices can now be setup using a “weight range” or “price range”. The weight range option can also include a per kg/lb price.
  • Bulk edit of products is now live
  • You can set the “default order” of your products by dragging & dropping them in the dashboard
  • Categories can now be created via the category view in your dashboard
  • Orders now have a “history" log in your dashboard, with the ability to “resend” sent emails
  • All Shoprocket branding can now be removed for users on our Enterprise plan
  • You can now filter products in your store by appending the category(ies) to your URL, demo: https://shop.shoprocket.io/#!/categories=jackets
  • The shopping cart now inherits your store colours for checkboxes and radio fields, for extra brand styling
  • We’ve added a global search bar to the dashboard header to quickly find products, orders & customers
  • Improvements to the address form at checkout, with the country field pre-populated if you only ship to one country
  • many bug fixes and improvements

What’s next:

  • We’re in final stages of testing our new PayPal integration
  • Multi user accounts - easily add staff members as users to your store admin
  • Ability to charge in multiple currencies
  • Extra payment methods for Stripe (ACH, Alipay, Giropay, iDEAL, Klarna etc.)
  • Bulk update order statuses

Please remember that we're not currently charging whilst Shoprocket 2.0 is in beta, so you don't need to subscribe to a plan, your store will still work just fine!

I really hope you're enjoying Shoprocket 2.0, and your feedback is extremely valuable, so if you have any questions, problems or suggestions, just hit reply. I read every message.

P.S - If you're still on Shoprocket v1 and would like to switch to v2, just let me know and we can automatically port your data for you.

All the best, Ryan Shoprocket CEO

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