Add Product Options (text, upload files, date, radio, select)

Updated on 14th April 2022 in Products

Options are typically "optional" add-ons to Products, if your options are required for the Product, such as size or colour, you should use the variations tab instead.

Product options allow you to offer optional add-ons to a Product, or capture extra information from your customer, such as a message for engravings, a file upload for printed t-shirts, or a date selection for events.

Click Add new Option, enter your Option name then choose the Input Type, e.g. Checkbox for yes/no and choose whether the customer must answer the question.

For the new Option, set Option Values as shown and a Price. Click ADD NEW VALUE to add another.

Currency and weight units are configured in your store settings.

product options.png

Finally click Update Options to save.

Each Option can be edited or removed using the bin/trashcan icon on the right.

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