Sort/Order Your Products

Updated on 06th October 2022 in Products

By default, products are displayed in the order that they are created. When a new product is added, it will automatically show at the end of your product list.

You can also set specific sort orders via your sales channels, such as "date", "price", "name" etc. The "default" is the order in which they appear in your dashboard.

To rearrange your product's default sort order, you can click & hold the  icon in your dashboard, then drag the product into the position you want it to display.

To rearrange your products:

  1. From your Shoprocket dashboard, go to Products > All
  2. From the All Products page, select click & hold the  icon next to the product you want to move
  3. Drag the product to the desired position in the list and release.

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